A Typical Day

Usually starts off with free play while everyone arrives and settles in. There are always a variety of activities to choose from including jigsaws, craft and colouring, physical toys, table top toys and puzzles. We also enjoy role playing activities with dressing up and music, or we might do some baking.

Then we might play games based round our current theme, work on a craft project, or take part in some cooking. After hand washing, we’d sit down together to enjoy a healthy snack with some water or milk and discuss the morning events, what’s planned for the day and what we would like to do.

In fine weather we would probably go to one of the nearby parks or for a walk around the town. There are lots of places nearby we visit. We also visit places like the Library or Museum, and the Library staff visit us for stories too. We go to places like the Fire or Police stations, or Trondra Farm.  Sometimes we go on a bus, or even a ferry!

If the weather is not so great we can have great fun in the messy play or doing crafts. Stories and songs are always fun.

After lunch we might have strange animals coming to visit us, or people who tell us about what they do, or show us interesting skills they have. People also visit to show us how to brush our teeth  properly and how to keep ourselves safe.

Story time is important at Peerie Foxes and we read different books everyday as well as our old favourites. We are always learning new songs too and enjoy singing nursery rhymes and songs we already know.

Finally more free play with our favourite toys till it’s time to go home for a rest!

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