Quotes from Happy Parents

“I genuinely feel that the staff care for my son. They seem a lot happier with the new ownership and able to develop the service as their training and knowledge of the children suggests”.

“seems a much happier place since the change in ownership. Nice to see the same staff each week”.

“my oldest son told me “When you leave — cries, but the ladies give him a cuddle and make him better and happy again”. It reassured me — was fine”.

“I really like how you have taken creatures in to the nursery and the children out to Trondra Croft. It’s also good that importance is placed on going out to the play park when weather allows. Great wall art displays too”.

“You all manage to balance being professional with being friendly. It’s clear the nursery is well managed and staffed without being too regimented and formal”.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all the staff for all the hard work, care, energy and positivity that makes a fantastic service”.

“Loving, inspiring environment”.

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